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Andreas Dürr

Attorney at Law, Notary, SBA Mediator

Agnes Dormann

Attorney at Law and Notary,
SBA-certified inheritance attorney, SBA mediator

Adrien Jaccottet

Attorney at Law, Mediator SBA/SDM/SCCM

Oscar Battegay

Attorney, Notary Of counsel at Battegay Dürr AG


Manuela Pecorelli

MLaw, member of the legal staff


Selina Hügin

Selina Hügin

Notary’s assistant

Miriam Kasperek

Miriam Kasperek

Notary’s assistant and accounting

Kathrin Scherrer

Miriam Kasperek

Legal assistant

Jacqueline Fäsi

Jacqueline Fäsi

Lawyer’s and notary’s assistant