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Construction and real estate law

The construction attorneys and notaries at Battegay Dürr can provide you with expert and comprehensive advice in all matters related to real estate, construction and service contract law.

Our proven expertise and many years of experience benefit not only investors, real estate companies, brokers and builders, but also architects and planners.

Overseeing the legal aspects and ensuring the success of complex real estate transactions is a core competency of Battegay Dürr. We provide our clients with legal and strategic assistance on real estate and construction projects – from design, planning and financing to a review of the final invoices. Our specialists are also experienced in all matters related to public construction and planning law (property development, environmental issues, land use planning, etc.).

Thanks to its constructive solutions, Battegay Dürr AG helps clients avoid costly and time-consuming construction disputes. If necessary, we can also represent your interests vigorously in Switzerland before agencies and in court.

Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our attorneys and receive professional support in all matters related to construction and real estate law.

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  • Working group contracts
  • Work and service contracts
  • Architect and planner contracts
  • General and sole contractor contracts
  • Land use plans
  • Real estate purchase contracts
  • Construction permits and elimination of restrictions
  • Environmental law and contaminated sites
  • Enforcement of claims for defects
  • Builders’ liens