Notarial Services

  • You want to set up a company: should it be a limited liability company (GmbH) or a company limited by shares (AG)
  • You buy a freehold dwelling with your life partner: joint ownership or co-ownership? How do you make provision for the event of death or separation?
  • You want to conclude a prenuptial agreement: what do you need to look out for?
  • You would like to make a will or inheritance contract: what details should you take into consideration?
  • A foundation is to be set up in your name: is this possible in Switzerland – even if you live in Germany?
  • You need a certification for a health care proxy, a surety bond or an affidavit: whom should you consult?

Battegay Dürr can provide you with the full range of notarial services: our notaries can carry out all real estate transactions on your behalf in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft – from the sale and purchase of property, to the establishment of an easement through to issuing paperless mortgage notes. We can handle formations, mergers, asset transfers, capital increases, liquidations and other corporate restructuring for all cantons – and for certification in Germany. In addition we offer you an all-round service as regards entries in the company register, certification and obtaining apostilles or authentication.

Do you have questions regarding notarial services? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Notarial Services

  • Setting up companies (companies limited by shares and limited liability companies)
  • Setting up foundations and associations
  • Drafting of articles of association, contracts on contributions in kind and asset transfers
  • Company relocation and change of name
  • Restructuring (mergers, demergers, transformations)
  • Capital increases and reductions
  • Termination of the company (liquidation and closure)
  • Real estate purchase contracts
  • Easement agreements (rights of residence, usufructuary rights and rights of way etc.)
  • Execution and modification of mortgage notes
  • Establishing condominium units
  • Prenuptial agreements and inheritance contracts
  • Wills
  • Health care proxies, general power of attorney and living wills
  • Certification of signatures, document copies
  • Obtaining apostilles/authentications
  • Executing a surety bond

Your experts in notarial services