Litigation (incl. arbitration) and enforcement

  • You have to decide between an out-of-court settlement and going to court: what are the pros and cons
  • You have to assert your interests in court: what are your chances and what are the risks?
  • You have won in proceedings before an administrative authority or in court: who will help you to enforce the judgement?
  • You want to settle a dispute out of court: is mediation a sensible option?

Battegay Dürr’s litigators possess incisive expertise and great experience in conflict management in all types of proceedings whether they be conciliatory, judicial, arbitral or administrative. Where court proceedings are unavoidable, our experts will represent your interests as claimant, defendant or an ancillary party, in court or before an arbitration tribunal or administrative authorities. If you have won your case in court or before an administrative authority, we will help you to implement and enforce judgements or orders or other executory decisions at home and abroad. Costly and protracted proceedings can also be avoided with proper representation of your interests before administrative authorities and in court proceedings. It is often advisable, not just for reasons of cost, to settle disputes in the context of mediation or by way of assisted dispute resolution. Battegay Dürr’s team includes proven mediation experts who can save you a trip to court.

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Services in the area of litigation (incl. arbitration) and enforcement

  • Litigation in all Swiss courts
  • Provisional measures (interim and ex parte measures)
  • Leading settlement negotiations
  • Debt enforcement by distraint or realization of pledged property
  • In debt enforcement proceedings, dismissal of Debtor’s refusal to pay (provisional and definitive dismissal – provisorische und definitive Rechtsöffnung) and related proceedings (Widerspruchsverfahren)
  • Insolvency proceedings incl. schedule of claims procedure
  • Restructuring (composition proceedings)
  • Asset freezing orders
  • Actions for fraudulent conveyance (annulment of gifts, unfair preference, fraudulent trading)
  • Development of strategies for resolution
  • Training and lectures on business mediation

Your experts in litigation (incl. arbitration) and enforcement