adult protection (living wills)

  • An acquaintance has had a serious accident while skiing and is in a coma. Can her adult daughter collect her post and pay the regular bills?
  • What happens if the victim’s daughter does not have signatory rights? Or has no access to internet banking?
  • You have already made a health care proxy. Is that sufficient? Or would a general power of attorney be better? How do they relate to each other?
  • You want to protect your dependents from having to make difficult decisions. How do you make a living will?

Anyone who owns property, who is a partner in a senior position in a company or who is in a non-marital relationship should make provision for a worst-case scenario. We will show you what you can do for yourself and for your parents and elderly relatives. Our specialists in adult protection can provide you with templates and give you tailor-made advice. Did you know, for example that a health care proxy only takes effect following validation by the Authority for Child and Adult Protection (KESB)? Or that you need a general power of attorney in order to act quickly in urgent situations?

Do you have questions about adult protection? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Services in the area of adult protection

  • Health care proxy
  • General power of attorney
  • Living will
  • Representation before authorities

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