Battegay Dürr AG, Anwälte und Notare in Basel und Liestal

Battegay Dürr AG, Lawyers and Notaries in Basel and Liestal

As Lawyers, we are always on your side. Our professionals will use their expertise and experience to champion your cause and find practical and sustainable solutions. Most of our Clients remain with us over many years and collaboration is based on a large degree of mutual trust. Whether major organizations or private individuals, our clients count on our support in legal and financial matters. Come for a meeting at our offices; we are always ready to lend an ear – and to speak plainly right from the very start.

Legal matters are becoming ever more complex and no less so in Switzerland. Our firm’s recognised, motivated and experienced lawyers guarantee efficient, personal support and also provide quick and comprehensible answers to the most challenging questions. Today, professional networking is crucial to safeguarding legal and financial interests. Our staff are very well connected to decision-makers in business, professional associations and politics and will use these connections to your advantage. Proven negotiating techniques can in many cases enable you to avoid litigation. This will save you both money and the need for time-consuming legal proceedings.

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